Jan 7, 2008

about us

Assalamualaikum & Hello to all of you out there ;)

Thank you for stopping by PirateShooter photography's blog. PirateShooter is a Freelance Photographer based in Sijangkang, Selangor.

To us every wedding is unique just like the fairy tales happily ever after. We believe that wedding is a wonderful time suited on loyal, joyful feelings and that's why we come to you to capture the precious & unforgettable moments hence our specialization.

Other than that our portfolio includes portraiture, commercial, sports and any photography related job.

Should you require our services in the near future, kindly drop us an email @ pirateshooter@gmail.com. Our package can be tailored according to clients requirement :)

Looking forward to your patronage.
Thanks & Have A Wonderful Day Ahead!

'There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer' [Ansel Adams]

the crew

kapitan jack pirate aka taufique
________________________________________________________ (fill in the blank)

mohd faidzol aka 'pjoy'

zairi zairi *designer


Jasmine jamil - wedding planner (The Golden Earth)


azliaje said...

gudshoot from yu guys harr..
pictures could tell 1001 stories without explanation..

LaZuarDiGirL said...

well shoot..good luck Jack!
That momentary flash of insight has left feeling exposed.
*especially for BMW ;;)

paan said...

pic korang mmg always terbaek maa :)